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Since 2013, s4 has done more than refine the way you receive promotion. Guided by an international team, we use unique playlisting and SEO techniques to attain and over archive the goals of our clients. s4 Promotions headquarters are primarily in Florida, with our affiliates company locations in L.A. and NYC.

With optimal HQ streaming, promotion, and SEO for your artists, s4 will be worth your patience. We don’t provide cheap BOT services like other sellers who input a link and walk away. We hand taylor campaigns, and reach out to real people to gain more exposure and new fans. Our Team handles some of the industry’s top established artists as well as independent musicians on the rise just trying to get heard. We take pride in our clients and their artists. Here at s4 we take your music seriously.





Increase popularity
More popularity means more fans and more sales. Getting more plays increases your popularity index for your tracks in charts and billboards.

Discover new and relevant users
The best way to grow your fans base is to get more plays so your songs get more popular. S4 helps you get more plays, add new fans and get more royalties paid.

Get more royalties
Sales are necessary. S4 increases your plays count and gets you more royalties. The plays you receive from S4 are absolutely 100% real and eligible for royalties.